Mr Dell’s Hash Browns…

The Hash Brown Professionals

The success of Mr. Dell Foods in a frozen food industry dominated by big-name corporate giants can be attributed largely to our products themselves. Rather than enter into the field of frozen potatoes and vegetables armed with nothing more than a new label, Mr. Dells develops products that are unique to the industry. Unique in that the product flavor, health and convenience to the consumer were paramount concerns in the development of Mr. Dell’s All Natural Products.
The unique ability to process and package potatoes and other vegetables with no additives or preservatives of any kind ensures that Mr. Dell’s frozen products offer the true nutrition, and flavor, of the fresh products. No oils or sugars of any kind are used in the processing of Mr. Dell’s products. Additionally, Mr. Dell’s uses no genetically modified products or seed (non-GMO).
Our convenience and flexibility has won the hearts of consumers, ingredient users, and the restaurant trade. Our product’s versatility is just one of our strengths. Our famous “Mr. Dell’s Original Potato Casserole Recipe” has become a staple around the dinner table of many of our customers.


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Mr. Dell’s Hash Browns are the quintessential part of any casserole…Recipes Here

One Dish Meals

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